UPDATE: Diane Wilson is Banned from US Capitol...But at Least She's Not Going to Prison!
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WATCH: Diane Wilson and Riki Ott Join the Bioneers in a Webcast on the Health of the Gulf

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Yes! Magazine Interviews Diane Wilson
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Diane Wilson: BP Catastrophe Is a Soul-Killing, Nail-in-the-Coffin Apocalypse with No End in Sight
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LISTEN: "Nothing New": Activist Diane Wilson on the Gulf Coast Oil Spill
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An Open Letter to OSHA, By Diane Wilson
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LISTEN: Diane Wilson Discusses Fasting for Climate Justice on What Now
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Diane Wilson Joins International Hunger Strike for Climate Justice
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What do Hugo Chavez, Vandana Shiva, and Diane Wilson Have In Common?
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Diane Wilson, Badass Green: Grist

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Breaking News on Diane Wilson

Dianešs NEW BOOK hot off the presses HOLY ROLLER
Learn more about the book


Dianešs NEW blog
View the blog now


Bhopal Hunger Strike
Read Diane's blog entry (June 19, 2008)


Diane featured on Leonardo DiCapro's 11th hour website
Visit the site now and View her blog entry (August 12, 2007)


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March 1st 2007  
Diane's latest shenanigans causing a ruckus for Texas Jailers!



US activist Diane Wilson to receive "Blue Planet Award" in Berlin

On 2 December 2006 "ethecon - The foundation for Ethics & Economics" will award the international "Blue Planet Award" to Diane Wilson, the American environmental activist. The awards ceremony starts at 2 pm and takes place at the "Ufa-Fabrik", Viktoriastrasse 10 - 18, Berlin.

Wilson will receive the Blue Planet Award in recognition of her twenty-year campaign against the pollution of the Texas Gulf Coast by the chemical industry and her outstanding contribution to protecting the environment. She has continued her brave commitment despite legal charges, death threats and even assassination attempts. This distinguishes her as a defender of ethical principles in the conflict area between ethics and the economy. "ethecon - The foundation for Ethics & Economics" will also award a negative prize, the "Black Planet Award", to the company Monsanto. Besides being associated with pesticide contamination and especially with the Vietnam War pesticide Agent Orange, Monsanto is known for the development and marketing of genetically engineered crops, with its aim being to develop a world-wide seed monopoly. The company's aggressive corporate strategy leaves no room for ethical behaviour. Both awards were designed by Otto Piene - a member of the famous artist group ZERO - and refer to his famous work "Blue Planet".

About ethecon

"ethecon - The Foundation for Ethics & Economics" creates and promotes projects, investigations, meetings, publications and other activities in order to develop alternative economic and social models which respect the environment and humanity. Social impulses must start from the roots, having a critical eye on trust and globalization, and the conflict between ethics and the economy.

For more information please visit

Read Diane's blog (Updated July 18, 2006)(pdf file)




Meredith Dearborn, 650 208 2788
Gael Murphy 202 412 6700

Cindy Sheehan, Diane Wilson, Dick Gregory, Iraq veterans and Iraqi citizens gather in front of the White House on July 4th, their first day without food

After eating their final meal in front of the White House yesterday, participants in the “Troops Home Fast” a historic hunger fast organized by CODEPINK: Women for Peace and Gold Star Families for Peace will spend their first day without food on the Fourth of July. They will gather at the White House at 10am and plan to hold a spiritual ceremony, send a message of peace to the Independence Day parade, and remain outside the White House with their message to bring the troops home from Iraq now.

Among the Washington fasters are Cindy Sheehan, legendary comedian/civil rights activist Dick Gregory, environmental Diane Wilson, former army colonel Ann Wright, Iraq war veterans, Iraqis and Pentagon whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg. They are joined by almost 3,000 others from around the United States and 18 other countries. Celebrities and other well-known public figures have committed to join the fast, including Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn and Danny Glover, musicians Graham Nash and Willie Nelson, writer Alice Walker, and more.

“While others are enjoying their barbecues and fireworks today, we will be going hungry for the most noble cause of all: peace,” said Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan, who began an open-ended fast today. “We are the true American patriots today. Our founding fathers cautioned future generations against engaging in wars of aggression for empire and economic gain, lest we lose our national soul. And the war in Iraq is exactly the kind of war our nation’s leaders once cautioned against.”

The hunger strike will continue throughout the summer. “This fast has obviously touched a chord with the public,” said CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin. “We thought there might be 3 or 4 of us fasting, and it is more like 3,000. Every day hundreds of new people are signing up for the fast. Some communities are doing rolling fasts, each person taking a day. This is sparking a new level of commitment to get out of Iraq.”

For more information, please see or meet the fasters in front of the White House at 10-11am or 5-7pm.


Diane Wilson was arrested in Houston on December 5th while infiltrating a fundraiser for recently-indicted U.S. Representative Tom Delay. At the time of her arrest Diane was wanted in Texas on Crimial Trespassing charges from 2002, when she had climbed a tower at Dow Chemical to protest the company's continued irresponsibility following its 1984 chemical disaster in Bhopal, India, where 150,000 people were poisoned. Diane refused to turn herself in for the trespassing charges until Warren Anderson, former CEO of Union Carbide, turned himself in to the Indian government, where he has been wanted for thirteen years for the Culpable Homicide of thousands in Bhopal. Following her arrest in Houston , Diane is currently serving a 120 day sentence for the trespassing charge in Victorial County Jail.

As of December 21, you can now help Diane by donating to the Diane Wilson Support Fund through the Environmental Health Fund (EHF), a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible and can be sent care of:

Gary Cohen, Executive Director,
Environmental Health Fund
41 Oakview Terrace
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Ph: 617-524-6018
Fax: 617-524-7021

Please make checks out to the 'Environmental Health Fund' with 'Diane Wilson Support Fund' in the memo of the check, and thank you for your support!


Listen to Diane on Corporate Watch:

This was our main Diane W show

This show contained a subsequent report after Diane's arrest:


Inside the DeLay/Cheney fundraiser on-line audio (coming soon)


Code Pink - Get involved!

It has been two months since Diane Wilson was jailed for her protest against Dick Cheney. She is still being held in a Texas jail and according to a recent letter from her, the conditions are very grim. If you would like to write to Diane you can send her a letter or card (she cannot receive anything else) to:

            Diane Wilson
            Victoria Co. Jail (CR# 65510)
            101 No. Glass
            Victoria , TX 77901

To buy a "Free Diane" t-shirt (image above), click here!  

"Corporate greed and its administrative henchmen have many faces and deadly results--from the 10,000 gassed in a pesticide cloud in Bhopal, India to the tens of thousands Iraqi  and American  dead in an unjust war."
Diane Wilson.